Aluminum foil (for storing)

Sustainable Swap:

  • Cover dish with a plate turned upside down.
  • Keep leftovers in the cooking pot, in the fridge.
  • Cover dish with unbleached parchment paper (compostable).
  • Cover with reusable and compostable wax wraps. Find them on Etsy
  • Use a container with a reusable lid. There are glass dishes with plastic lids, stainless steel tiffins, and retro 1950s glass dishes with glass lids.
  • Put it in a mason jar or repurposed jar that used to hold marinara, pickles, etc.
  • Use a silicone bag. Stasher bags
  • Wrap a burrito in a tea towel. We can't do this in my house because everything is covered in cat hair.
  • If aluminum foil is needed, you can clean it, dry it, and reuse it again later. You can also keep balling it up until it becomes at least 2 inches wide and then toss it into your recycling bin.