Here's a list of ideas for your zero waste / sustainable journey. I hope this helps! As a preface:

Air fresheners

Air fresheners are packaged in plastic and contain toxic artificial fragrances.

  • Make a room spray using essential oils and water. Be sure to carefully dilute the essential oils; you just need a few drops. Store in a spray bottle. You can repurpose a used one.
  • Use essential oils in a diffuser with a glass basin, such as the Pilgrim Sofia Nebulizer Diffuser.
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Bath salts
  • Use bulk epsom salt sold in bulk or buy it in the largest bag you can afford/store.
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Heating Pad
  • Use a compostable heating pad made of cloth stuffed with rice, beans, and herbs. Large Herbal Heating / Cooling Pad
  • Make your own microwaveable heating pad using rice and a scrap piece of cotton/hemp fabric or an old sock. Tutorial
  • Find a used electric heating pad on eBay or Craigslist.
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