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Educational Guides

Tips and tricks for living more sustainably

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Earth Lover
June 2019

Educational Guides

A collection of how-to guides covering topics such as how to shop in bulk bins with your own container, how to recycle properly, and so on. Also, local guides for SF Bay Area folks with recommendations for grocery stores, refill shops, and thrifting. Note that recycling rules vary depending on your area. These guides are focused on programs available in the San Francisco Bay Area, and even within this small area there are some variations in accepted material.


  1. Zero waste shopping
  2. How to shop in bulk
  3. Grocery substitutions worksheet
  4. Recycling guide
  5. What to landfill
  6. What to compost
  7. How to toss hazardous waste
  8. Shopping guide (East Bay, CA)
  9. Waste audit worksheet
  10. Eco-friendly cleaning

A few pages:

Plastic recycling guide
Plastic recycling
Paper recycling guide
Paper Recycling
Metal recycling guide
Metal Recycling
Glass recycling guide
Glass Recycling
Composting guide


While reading these guides online is the preferable, least resource-intensive way to consume the content, I printed half-sheets of the guides on 100% recycled paper and passed them out in person at events at the Abrams Claghorn Gallery and Firehouse Art Collective. It's a quick way to get the information out to folks who aren't searching for the content online. If you know of a large, high-impact event that would benefit from these guides, please get in touch with me.

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