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Environmental Activism During a Pandemic

A friendly reminder to be gentle with yourself as we adjust to this new normal. ❁

Last month, I put the finishing touches on a complete overhaul of this website. Packed to the brim with sustainability tips, I was feeling good about publishing it. But then the pandemic hit. And it shifted my priorities in a big way. Frequent grocery runs, the ability to choose from vast product options, and shopping in bulk bins are now no longer in reach. More than ever, I’m aware of those privileges and how safety and health come before all else. I’m still passionate about reducing waste wherever possible (the medical industry is not what I’m referring to; plastic protective gear is keeping folks safe). But right now, it’s safest if I pick up whatever packaged food I can find. I’m doing the best I can with the more-limited-but-still-great options I find at a small neighborhood store and the farmer’s market. That includes buying food in plastic packaging, which admittedly feels weird after (mostly) not for so long. I’m cutting myself some slack and doing what’s best for the greater good, which is to social distance and limit the spread of the virus.

On a positive front, I’ve LOVED these swaps which have proved to be convenient even during these pandemic times:

  • Cloth rags aka unpaper towels, in place of paper toewels. Make your own by cutting up an old t-shirt you don’t wear.
  • A bidet attachment means we need wayyy less toilet paper (about 60% less!). Many are sold out now, but keep your eyes peeled for restocking.
  • DIY cleaning products using vinegar, water, baking soda - plus alcohol for disinfecting. Check out the CDC recommendations for serious disinfecting, I’m no expert.
  • Reusable cloth pads = no special trips to the store for disposables.
  • I’ve loved seeing folks learn how to make their own bread and hand sanitizer! The creativity and self-sufficiency is so encouraging.

Hope y’all are staying safe and giving yourselves some grace. ❤️

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