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Where to Buy Bulk Food in the SF Bay Area

Having trouble finding bulk food options in the bay area? Here are my favorite stores that sell food package free.
Hope Armstrong
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Life-Affirming Plastic-Free Tea

Did you know tea bags are commonly made of plastic? I share my favorite plastic-free tea bag brands as well as tools that make it easier to manage loose leaf teas.
Hope Armstrong
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13 Insights from the Recycling Update 2020

The latest on recycling and composting, with a focus on California.
Hope Armstrong

Hi, I'm Hope

Just a couple of years ago, I didn't consider myself a climate activist. I recycled, but it didn't go far beyond that. Then, when China began to ban most plastic imported from the United States, I became curious.

Are you an Earth-loving person who wants to live more sustainably? Are you worried about climate change? I'm here to guide you, and I'll break it down into simple steps you can start doing today.

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Low waste

Inspired by zero waste living, I explore how to more efficiently use Earth's valuable resources. As paradoxical as it sounds, by re-thinking the consumerist culture, we can indeed live an abundant life with less.



Most people have a value system they live their lives by, yet how often do we take stock of how our daily actions match to those values? When you align your actions to your values, you live with intention and integrity.



From the devastating impact of climate change on the health of living beings, to food justice, farm worker's rights, and animal rights, follow along as I share vegan, plant-based recipes.

Not sure where to start?

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It's overwhelming to overhaul your life all at once. Start with one category at a time. Switching to cloth produce bags is a lovely place to start!

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Do you have a question about sustainability? I'm curious to hear it. Reach out to share your quandaries, or to simply say hello!

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